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Batch 004: Black Jack

I've been into Black Jack lately. And I've noticed there isn't as much love for the series as there should be. I MUST WRITE THIS WRONG AND TRIUMPH OVER EVIL. COME ON GAIZ, OSAMU TEZUKA WOULD BE SPINNING IN HIS GRAVE. FO' SRS.

So, I capped the second episode of the animated series and made bases to share in the weatlh.
I might do this for every episode. Maybe. ;U

Black Jack: 86


PS. I added the flowers because I couldn't help myself.
They're too pretty.
You can't deny that.
If I have to add minor characters, I have a right to add flowers too.
Just saying. ;U

EPISODE 2: The Vanished Needle

Tags: bases, black jack, graphics, icons, osamu tezuka
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Awww! I have seen a handful of Black Jack episodes and really liked them!
^-^ It is a series that I must pursue!