Eelcakes (kikaya) wrote in x_dirge_icons,

Batch: 001 - [Mixture]

Not much, but I just wanted to post these now so I could get it out of the way. I'll be making more soon, promise.

Lewis Black Quotes - 4
Sailor Moon - 11
Pita Ten - 3
Final Fantasy Unlimited - 1

Total: 19


001 002 003 004

005 006 007 008
009 010 011 012
013 014 015 016
017 018 019 020
Tags: final fantasy unlimited, icons, pita-ten, quotes, sailormoon
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I love the Sailor Moon ones and the quotes... I love Lewis Black! Taking # 13; will credit! Very lovely work.
taking 13 as well, ty! very pretty!
omg a FFU icon o_____o *impressed*

Such an under appreciated series... *snogs*
XD I'm trying to make more, but images of the anime are hard to find (for me anyway). But I see what you mean, it's rare.
I can help you with that <3 I screencapped the entire series like whoa. I uploaded all of my Kaze ones for a friend (who I met here, after seeing her FFU icons too... XD) to my photobucket account here:

If you want Kumo ones, I can upload and enormous zip of them after I batch converge them to .jpgs. ^^
I freaking love you~! Those caps of Kaze are the smex. I must make icons from those now, thanks so much. ^^;;

If you could... I don't mean to be a burden. And of course I'm crediting you for the caps, there's no way they should go un-noticed. Again, thank you. x3
No problem :DDD

Kae, it's not a big deal. ^^ I probably won't be able to upload the zip for a little while because I need to redownload my PSP... can I add you so I can find you later? ♥
Okay so I lied, I thought it was going to take me a long time to download and install PSP again. It only took me like 20 minutes to converge n archive everything. Is an RAR okay, annnd... is there any uploader you prefer? YSI or Megaupload? *doesn't really care*
Heh, RAR is fine. The uploader doesn't really matter to me either, but I'll say YSI because Megaupload decides to freeze on me sometimes :/ And I wanna avoid that risk... for the safety of others.

Of course you can add me~ Thankies.
Yeah, Megaupload is always kind of a douche to me. It has a lot of unneeded pops up and stuff. And my Norton always goes nuts when I use it, it's all at the bottom of the screen like "Norton has just blocked an envasion attempt" "Norton has just blocked a hijacking attempt" "Norton has jut saved you ass, cookie plz?"


YSI was being a butt to me too, but apparently the third time really is a charm, sooo... here's 400 more screen caps!

Some of them are from the same scene I capped several times so I could make animated icons, so there's a lot that might look like repeats.
Ah, thanks. Now that you just mentioned that I shall attempt to make an animated one aswell XP;

Norton is such a good little virus-ass-kicker. If it had a digestive track I'd so give it a cookie...yep.


12 years ago

snagged 15... very pretty! :)

Snagging #3 and #4. Will credit.
...Michael Jackson.
zomg I love all your Gorillaz icons. *sparkles.*
-Squee- x3 Thank you!